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Posted in 100 Mile House Free Press August 8, 2005.:

I want to say a big you know what to the Police at the 100 Mile House Detachment.

I believe I speak for many others as well, when I say they can take the HUGE income they will be receiving from the speeding tickets they were giving out on BC Day and stick it where the sun donít shine. Oh and letís not forget their overtime earnings for the project.

I was a passenger and appalled at the image this detachment was portraying on this British Columbia Day August 1, 2005. These five wonderful officers, working for British Columbians and our Province had the gall to setup a southbound speed trap at the end of town on the hill right beside the 70 KM/h sign where the speed transitions from 50 KM/h. Not so unbelievably they were able to pick off every vehicle that could manage above a 50 KM/h speed. You must feel sorry for the loaded trucks that need to get their speed up for the climb.

British Columbia Day is a civic holiday intended for all residents and workers to relax and enjoy the beauty and culture offered within this most spectacular province. It might be shared with family or friends or privately in solitude, but it should be a reflection of the gift of natural wonder that the province has been blessed with. This is very far from the image 100 Mile House Detachment were providing British Columbians this day.

It was definitely an intentional plan to have this major tourist cash grab from everyone trying to make their way home from the long weekend. Being pulled over and ticketed, sure made our driver and passengers lose the grand feeling BC Day is suppose to bring. Sure would be nice to put the individual that made this smart business decision in a room alone with all the ticket holders from this project, maybe then he or she might think twice. This might even make a great new reality TV show.

Is this something we should be spending our taxes on during BC day?

Do we really need five officers getting paid overtime fighting this minor speed crime?

I donít know if the district of 100 mile is desperately in need of money or not, but anyway you slice it, this sort of project is not needed on our holiday and any officers that are required to work on this holiday should focus on real crimes and excessive speeders.

Concerned regular tourist with a bad taste in his mouth involved in a minor speed crime.

Local RCMP lauded for speeding ticket

Posted in 100 Mile House Free Press August 17, 2005 - Here is a reply to the posted article:

Dear Editor:

Congratulations to the RCMP for their August long-weekend blitz against unsafe drivers in the Cariboo. Last week's writer, Dean Zomars, scribes that he's from Lac la Hache, which coincidently hosted a crime prevention seminar this week where residents rallied to support each other to eliminate crime, including errant and unlawful drivers. Clearly Zomars doesn't echo the community's opinion.

To the Dean Zomars, the message is clear, don't come back if you can't obey the rules.

Jon McCormick

Lone Butte

Sounds like one of our royal police officers. This guys' backup is a bunch of whiners that have nothing better to do than group together in a seminar to see what other controls they can put on the general public. I am so impressed that people have time to go to these things! I would bet 8 out of every 10 of the people attending the seminar are either employed by the government (our taxes are probably paying them overtime to be there too!), unemployed or live/work at the establishment where the seminar was held. Another case of a small group of people ruining our "supposed" free country for the majority. Now don't get me wrong dude I don't completely disagree with laws especially ones that protect the safety of others. However my version of unsafe is clearly a lot different than yours, others and the government. Anyway back to my original point IT WAS BC DAY! & A LARGE GROUP OF OFFICERS "APPARENTLY" KEEPING THE CITY SAFE IN ONE LOCATION WAS UNNECESSARY ANY WAY YOU WANT TO SLICE IT. I am sure one or maybe two officers would have been sufficient.



Here is an article found in the 100 Mile House Free Press August 3, 2005. I guess they ARE all caught up:

 Citizens Unite
We must protect our families.
We must protect our property.
But most of all- We must protect our right to send the police off on pointless missions.
Let me explain. Our group, led by an anonymous neighbour of mine, feels that the RCMP must have solved all the violent crimes, the property crimes and yes, even all of the drug crimes. We feel that a vehicle or RV parked on the street, heavens, not the street, is a huge safety, if not national security risk.
What would happen if a 747 needed to make an emergency landing on our street, or more importantly, how can we keep an eye on what everyone on the block is doing if there is something blocking our view?
Our message is clear. If the dog barks, if the campfire is too big, if the music is on, if the snowmobile is crossing the road, call the police. They're bored. They must have nothing to do. They are there so we can have someone personally confront our neighbours on our behalf.
Citizens Unite.
Chris Endel
108 Ranch
Founding Member of the NFH (Neighborhood From Hell)




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