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These programs should be compatible with all 32 bit versions of windows, if you find any problems please contact me.


I have created a very small utility  that will shut down a computer with a simple double click. This gives the user no warning to stop the shut down from happening. Great to put on your desktop and use after your done with your computer for the day. Saves clicking the "start" button, then the "Turn Off Computer" button, then the "Turn Off" button.



I have created a small utility  with a GUI, that will shut down a computer with a timed warning message. This gives a user a chance to stop the shut down from happening. Great to use after a backup is done or to shut down a computer nightly at a certain time. You can use Scheduled Tasks or many other available many programs that offer the option to run a process when they are done.



This is a free utility to open all files in a folder sequentially..
It is able to open a specific file or multiple files with the same file extension.
It is command line driven enabling choice of  external program, folder, file (s) and file extension.

OpenAll.exe Usage:
OpenAll "externalProgram" "folderPath" "filename.extension"
OpenAll "Shelexec.exe" "myfiles\images\" "smile.jpg"

Wildcard for filename and/or file extension can be used
OpenAll "Shelexec.exe" "myfiles\images\" "*.jpg"
OpenAll "Shelexec.exe" "myfiles\images\" "*.*"

Ensure to include the trailing backslash in the folder path.

If the folder or filename you are calling contains spaces then you may need to include it in quotes otherwise the quotes are not really needed.

Places where you might find OpenAll useful are in adding it to an Autorun.inf file for your DVD and CD recordable disks.

All you need to do is put OpenAll.exe, ShelExec.exe, some ico file, into the root directory and your files in a sub folder. Then create a autorun.inf file with the following contents:
open=OpenAll.exe Shelexec.exe myfiles\ index.htm

The program can also be run with a batch file, script file, windows shortcut, or menu.


I have included a third party external program called ShellExec. ShellExec is a simple utility to allow you to call the ShellExecute API from the command line.
Meaning it opens a file with the program that is registered with the windows shell. i.e. opens a txt file with notepad.
It can be found here http://www.naughter.com/shelexec.html


The program is for Win32 only and has no external requirements on dlls other than the ones shipped as standard with any Win32 platform.

Version History:
1.01 - Very basic manually typing file names to open
1.02 - Finds file names on it's own with extension
1.03 - Accepts command line for extension. Format: OpenAll.exe jpg
1.04 - Accepts command line for file path. Format: OpenAll.exe myfiles\ jpg
1.05 - Accepts command line for file name. Format: OpenAll.exe myfiles\ *.jpg
1.06 - Ability to choose external program with command line. Format: OpenAll.exe "ShelExec" "myfiles\" "*.jpg"
1.07 - Folders or filenames called containing spaces was not working

Bugs Fixes & Future improvements:
Can not open files in the same folder OpenAll.exe is located in.
Want something with it improved so it works better for you then contact me.
Source code can be downloaded here.



This script is for backing up files, as I needed something that could do a simple daily backup of my database files from one computer to another.

This script creates a folder with a chosen prefix, the current date and places it in the chosen output location then copies your chosen files to it. This script also does Automatic deletion of old backups.  To prevent backups created from wasting space, the script automatically deletes old backups based on both the age of the backup and the number of existing generations of backup. A log file is created of it's actions for each backup done.

You will have to modify the 'Configuration Variables' in the script before it can be of any use to you but these are in there own section of the script and labeled.

This script can be run as a shortcut, put in the startup folder to run on boot up or even use Scheduled Tasks for this script, and you only need to click on the icon to run the script.

The tradeoff is that there are fewer backup options as compared to many other backup programs. For example, this script only backs up files and ignores sub folders. The configuration in the script needs to modified to include files in a particular subfolder.  

The script is written in VBScript and requires Windows Scripting Host (WSH) version 2.0 or later. WSH is a component of Windows (it is the replacement for BAT files) that allows you to run scripts written in VBScript and JavaScript. WSH is included in Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP. It was not included in Windows 95 and NT4 but users of those operating systems can download it, for free, from Microsoft.



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